Author: BernradGrua

French photographer, writer and traveler. Contributor to domestic and foreign medias: history, heritage and expeditions.Visited Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, South America, USA and numerous European countries. Personal blog: Karakoram novels on Medium: Photography website: Flickr account:

This short program is intended for travelers who would like to visit Hunza, Pakistan, around the Karakoram Highway, even if they just have a few days. Though it is adapted for families with children, opportunities for photographers will be developed regarding conditions of light, most scenic spots and local people portraying. It is considered you use a personal car. However, the last chapter presents the possibilities offered by public transportation means. This story was previously published in Bernard Grua media blog. Please note that all photos are copyright Bernard Grua. Any use by any third party shoud get his prior written…

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