Entrance, Reception and general areas.

  • Security employees must have been trained on COVID-19
  • Temperature checks at the entrance should be mandatory and if possible, disinfect walk-through gate be placed at the main entrance.
  • Guests running a temperature of more than 98.6° F should be politely requested to return or guided to the nearest hospital/medical facility.
  • Ensure markings on the floor at reception to maintain Social Distancing.
  • All indoor areas shall be disinfected at regular intervals.
  • Ensure staff members are wearing masks & gloves at all times.
  • Keep sanitizers for guests to use at the entrance gate and reception counter
  • Keep paper, envelopes and all equipment sanitized.
  • If dealing with cash money, ensure both employee and guest use hand sanitizer after each transaction
  • Masks, hand disinfection, general area disinfection, and cleaning materials should have certificates.
  • Sanitation items and personal protection equipment (PPE) shall be properly and safely disposed of.
  • Trash cans/bins and other cleaning equipment shall be periodically disinfected.


  • Reduce the number of tables to maintain Social Distancing norms.
  • Seating for the tables to be reduced to half of capacity.
  • Arrival instructions should explain to guests that they should come down to the restaurants only when a table is available to avoid crowding.
  • Staff must be trained for minimal contact/communication during service.
  • Ensure staff is wearing protective equipment like masks, gloves, and hairnets.
  • Use disposable napkins which are pre-packed or individually packed serviettes.
  • Keep sanitizer for guests and staff use on the reception counter.
  • Keep swabs that guests can use with sanitizer to clean their cell phones or credit cards etc.
  • The "Open Buffet arrangement" should have social distancing measures been taken to prevent hygiene and contamination.
  • Disinfect each desk, equipment, and work area after the guest has moved out.


  • Operational kitchens must be sanitized at regular intervals.
  • Limit the number of staff to the minimum required; staff can be organized into teams to reduce interactions between teams.
  • All staff should wear disposable masks, gloves, hairnets, and all other safety gear.
  • Workstations should be placed in such a way that the staff is not facing each other and can maintain appropriate Social Distance.
  • Run limited menus and ramp-up in a phased manner.
  • You may tweak the menus to include more options of cooked food rather than raw food.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of vegetables, fruits, meats, and all other materials that are required in the kitchens; use approved sanitizing agents to disinfect.
  • All supplies need to be fully sanitized before entering the stores and refrigerators.
  • Employees must report any situation in case there is suspicion of Covid-19 or signs of illness to the relevant manager.