Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP)

Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP), established in 1974 having its registered Head Office at 115, Central Hotel Building, Merewether Road, Civil Lines, Karachi is an all Pakistan Based Trade Organization; leading voice and flagship of the Travel and Tourism Industry of Pakistan registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 2017 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP); governed under Trade Organization Act 2013; mandated by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan through its Directorate General of Trade Organization (DGTO) vide License No. 70.

South Zone Regional Secretariat looks affairs of Sindh and Balochistan while the North Zone Regional Secretariat looks after the affairs of Punjab, KPK and Islamabad Capital Territory.

Vision and Mission

  • To protect the interest of air travel trade and allied services
  • To promote tourism in Pakistan
  • To serve as a forum for raising and advocating the Airlines, Government, and other regulatory and official bodies the issues / views of its members in the interest of the aviation / travel and tourism industry of the country.

History & Values

  • The TAAP member should endeavor to eliminate any practices which may be damaging to the public or to the dignity and integrity of the Travel agent's profession.
  • It is the duty of the TAAP member to keep himself and his staff informed and updated in respect of all important aspects of the travel requirements, in order to give clients effective, accurate, and professional travel advice, in keeping with the main objective of the Association.
  • The TAAP member should possess adequate knowledge of the procedure and requirements of the Federal and Provincial government and authorities. The TAAP member shall consider every transaction with their clients to be strictly confidential in nature and will not divulge any related information, which may be damaging to either the clients or the trade.
  • At the time of discussions of travel-related plans the TAAP member's staff should fully advise their clients on all formalities and costs involved in the program, and ensure, to the best of his ability that such formalities have been satisfied before travel.
  • The TAAP member shall use available advertising materials to acquaint the public with the advantages of dealing with a TAAP member.
  • The TAAP member in his advertising shall avoid incorrect and misleading statements, doubtful superlatives, and any negative reference to his competitors.
  • The TAAP members shall, at all times, follow the best traditions of marketing ethics and fair dealing by presenting all carriers, hotels, and other agencies which they represent in a fair and impartial manner to prospective clients.
  • The TAAP members shall make themselves thoroughly conversant with tariff rules, regulations, and changes in procedure introduced by their principals and the appropriate regulatory bodies.
  • The TAAP members must discourage receiving any personal favors in the conduct of their profession, in keeping with their status in the trade and in society.
  • The TAAP member shall not make any false, deceptive, or misleading statements when called on to give an opinion of a Principal's service to a client or any other interested party.
  • In the event of a complaint or grievance by a client against any Principal, the TAAP member shall give the Principal an opportunity to make a full investigation before any further action on his part.
  • The TAAP member shall conduct his business so as to avoid controversies with his fellow Travel agents.
  • The TAAP member shall not denigrate the business dealing of another TAAP member and shall not volunteer any negative opinions thereon. If his opinion is sought, it should be given with strict professional integrity and courtesy.
  • If a TAAP member happens to take any account previously serviced / handled by another TAAP member, the member shall make all efforts to assist the previous member in recovering dues and clearing accounts.
  • The TAAP member shall endeavor to participate regularly in the meetings of their respective Regions, and shall contribute to the best of his ability in promoting the interests of the Association.
  • The proceedings of all meetings of TAAP should be kept confidential and decisions taken shall not be disclosed, in part or full, to anyone not belonging to the Association.

Facilitator for Visas with Various Foreign Missions

TAAP also facilitates its members in obtaining visas of friendly countries for the intending tourists / visitors as officially approved forum by the concerned Embassies / Consulates in Islamabad and Karachi.

Presently TAAP offering Thai and Malaysian visit visas from Consulate Generals in Karachi.

Liaison with Domestic / Foreign Entities

TAAP, as the sole/Exclusive legitimate country-based Association representing the Travel Agent / Travel and Tourism Industry of Pakistan maintains liaison with all relevant Federal and Provincial Ministries, Aviation Division, Services Trade Development Council – Ministry of Commerce, Service Wing – Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association (UFTAA) various Airlines (domestic and international) and all other respective Governmental and Private Sector Authorities in Pakistan and abroad.


Core Functions

  • To protect, project, and promote the interest of the Aviation / Travel and Tourism Industry in capital cities, provinces, country, and elsewhere abroad.
  • To promote closer understanding and unanimity amongst travel agent’s fraternity, in and outside Pakistan, on all subjects involving common business interests.
  • To espouse the cause of private enterprise and to enhance its contribution to the National economy and socio-economic development of the country.

Scope of Work

  • Interact with Federal and Provincial Ministers and Government functionaries to identify the problems being faced by the travel and tour industry and to help resolve them.
  • Interact with diplomates, foreign missions, trade delegations, and dignitaries to exchange views on matters of mutual interest.
  • To sign MoUs with International Counterparts to promote reciprocal tourism between Pakistan and friendly countries.
  • Dissemination of relevant information to members to keep them updated on IATA, Aviation Policies, DTS Policies, Tourism Development in Pakistan.
  • TAAP, arrange to furnish Financial Guarantees for its Members to IATA as required under IATA Regulations.
  • TAAP, furnish Financial understanding for its Members to Non-BSP Carries / Airlines operating in Pakistan.

Contact Details

Head Office

115, 1st Floor, Central Hotel Building, Merewether Road, Karachi-75530, Pakistan

Phone number

+ 92 21 35656022
+ 92 21 35682748

FAX number

+ 92 21 35214614

Email address:



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