Urdu is the official language, though it is only used by 8% of Pakistanis. English is widely spoken. Regional languages include Punjabi, which is spoken by 48% of the population, Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki and Balochi. There are numerous local dialects.

Enhance Your Trip With Some Basic Language Skills

Learning a few everyday Urdu phrases will make your trip even more memorable. See below for a list of basic Urdu greetings, phrases to get attention, and simple questions.

Good morningصبح  بخیر
Good afternoon
Good eveningشام  بخیر
Good nightشب  بخیر
Excuse meمعاف  کیجئےگا
I am sorryمیں  معذرت  چاہتا  ہوں
I don’t understandمجھےسمجھ  نہیں  آیا
Thank youشکریہ
Where is ___?کہاںہےـــــــــ؟
How much is ___?کتنےکاہےـــــــــ؟
It’s deliciousیہ  مزیدارہے
It’s fun

Urdu Language Support

For a more comprehensive selection of useful words and phrases, take a look through the Tourist’s Language Handbook. It is a useful tool to carry with you on your trip.


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